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Payroll management is an essential function for any organization, irrespective of its size or industry. It involves the calculation, processing, and distribution of employee compensation, including salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions. Accurate and timely payroll processing is not only vital for employees' satisfaction but also for regulatory compliance. However, the task of payroll processing can often divert owners and managers from their core business activity.

Accountancy practices like Wilson Boot can look after all your payroll activity for you, freeing up staff for other work and adding payroll expertise to your business. 

One of the primary responsibilities of an accountant in payroll management is to ensure accuracy and compliance with tax laws and regulations. Payroll is subject to numerous tax laws, as well as employment laws and regulations. Accountants are trained to navigate this complex landscape, ensuring that all calculations are correct, and that the organization remains fully compliant.

For new organisations or those that want to change their payroll systems, we have experience in setting up new payroll systems, reflecting the likely future and current needs of the organisation as well as meeting all compliance requirements.

We can handle all the day to day payroll processing work, building a payroll schedule to complete all payroll tasks, ensuring that your payroll responsibilities are met in a timely manner and that staff receive their pay and documentation on time, every time to maintain their morale and trust.  Working in a structured way also reduces the risk of errors from last-minute rushed work.

Our team can also take care of the Real Time Information (RTI) requirements, ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations.  We are always aware of changes made to the taxation system and will act to make sure that the organisation payroll is updated in good time.

As part of the payroll service, our team will handle any Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and National Insurance (NI) deductions and complete all required end of year returns, including P60 forms for all employees.  Our payroll experts will also manage and report on any employee benefits within the payroll process.

If any of your employees have Stakeholder pensions, we can manage the contributions through the payroll system and our Payroll support can also keep track of holiday pay and any statutory pay that is due to staff.

Wilson Bott operate a payroll bureau which is updated regularly for changes in payroll legislation such as taxation and National Insurance (NI) contribution changes.  With the advent of Cloud Accounting software , it is becoming more common for the software providers to include the facility of payroll within the software.  Wilson Bott is happy to work with those clients who would prefer to use their software in order to make sure that they remain compliant with legislation and produce timely and accurate payroll runs and submissions.

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