Choosing the right accounting software system

The Government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) programme which launches next month has further accelerated the migration to digital accounting software packages.  You can read our previous article on this subject here.

More and more businesses are now using one of the many systems available and others are trying to decide which system to use.  Whilst most systems have a core functionality which is very similar, as with all software systems, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses and pricing structure.

At Wilson Bott, we have reviewed most of the major systems on the market and we believe that for the majority of our clients the best overall solution is Xero.  We have listed below some of the key benefits Xero offers to users:

  • Cloud-based – no need for servers, or complicated installation and upgrades on individual computers
  • Flexible pricing – three levels of plan
  • Easy to use – a well-designed user interface
  • Time saving functionality such as automatic bank feed
  • Third party access for accountants – no need to transfer files or print out lots of documents

We have therefore made the decision to build a strong partnership with Xero undertaking their accreditation process and using Xero for our own business, which means our clients can:

  • Purchase Xero through us, rather than pay direct
  • Access first line support through Wilson Bott rather than having to go straight to Xero with any questions or problems
  • Use our ‘onboarding’ process to make the setup more straightforward
  • Utilise our specialist software to ease the pain of transferring data and files from your existing system

In our 2018 customer survey, there was strong agreement that “Wilson Bott provide the right level of support for my use of technology”, so for more information on Xero or other systems, or any other business matter, please call us on 0121 474 2683, email us, or visit our website.

You can find out more about the Making Tax Digital for Business programme at the HMRC website.

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