With effect from 1st April 2024, Wilson Bott will be joining forces with Athos Business Solutions, based in Knowle, near Solihull.  We have listed below some of the questions we have already been asked, please let us know if you have other questions by calling us on 0121 474 2683, using the contact form on this website, or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

1.  Will I still be looked after by the same people?

Yes, absolutely.  All the Wilson Bott team, including Neil, will stay within the new combined practice and you will be supported by the same individuals you are used to dealing with.  We understand accountancy is all about trusted relationships and want to preserve them.

2.  Will the knowledge of my business be retained?

All your records will be retained and with the same people looking after your accountancy requirements, there will be a complete history.

3.  Will my fees go up?

Athos Business Solutions fee levels are very similar to Wilson Bott and we do not plan any changes in client fees as a result of us joining forces.  Fees always relate to the work involved and of course we have to cover increases in our costs like any other businesses.

4.  Will I get the same level of service?

Our commitment is to match or exceed the current client service levels.  Athos Business Solutions have a larger team than Wilson Bott, so the combined practice will number over 20 staff, which will make it easier for us to respond swiftly to our clients’ needs, even in busy periods.

5.  How do I contact people?

Initially, all our email addresses, phone number, post and website enquiries will be automatically forwarded to make sure we don’t miss any inbound enquiries.  We will advise you of new contact details in due course, but the forwarding will be retained until we are confident everyone is using the new details.

6.  Where will you be based?

As you might know, we have to move from our existing offices by the middle of the year, so we are planning a phased relocation to the Athos Business Solutions premises in Knowle where there is space for us all.  The address for Athos Business Solutions is 1623 Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands, B03 9LF.

7.  When are you moving?

We are planning to move during April and May.  We will provide an update on our relocation once that plan is finalized.

8.  Why is the Wilson Bott name disappearing?

We didn’t want to create a new name for everyone to learn, and as Athos is the larger company it is logical to bring the Wilson Bott business in under that name.  Of course, the Bott name isn’t disappearing as Neil will continue to work within the new combined accountancy practice.

9.  Isn’t this all happening very quickly?

We understand that it might feel that way, but we can assure you that this change has been put together over an extended period of time, allowing both Athos and Neil to work through all the details and be completely confident that it will work well for the clients and staff of both businesses.  Unfortunately, the nature of change like this is that nothing can be shared until everything is agreed.

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